Bridging the gap between knowledge and action

Our Vision

Imagine a world in which business leads the way on ambitious climate action, spurring boldness from civil society and government. That's what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Our Approach

We build the infrastructure for open, collaborative and public climate action. By combining technology, a community-based approach and a system-wide view, we enable those who lead to help those who are just getting started.

Our areas of focus:
Knowledge Sharing

We capture, distribute and exchange information between people and organizations to help them couneract the climate crisis.

Dialogue and collaboration

We create platforms for global dialogue that brings together business, civil society and policy makers an inclusive climate action agenda.

Speaking Up

We initiatie and develop campaigns to get more people to recognize the urgency of climate crisis.

Raising Awareness

We raise public awareness about the causes, impacts and solutions to climate change.

We believe

When equipped with the right tools, allies and mindset, companies can play a key role in transforming our society toward a sustainable future.

Our guiding principles:
Community and collaboration

No single organisation can achieve a net zero future alone. Through our platform, companies of all shapes and sizes can learn from each other, participate in grassroots campaigns, and build coalitions across sectors and geographies.

Practical knowledge

Our Knolwedge Base comes with detailed instructions and implementation steps. These are further enriched by community-generated contributions such as comments, reviews of tools and real-life case studies.

Openness and transparency

We publish open guides to educate the general public about impactful climate action, from emission reduction to value chain engagement. By collecting reviews and pricing information, we help companies compare options and choose the best tools in an opaque corporate sustainability market.


We guide companies to move beyond incremental sustainability concepts such as ‘net zero’ or ‘carbon neutrality’ and to achieve transformative change through business model innovation and leading in their sphere of influence.